Econ Challenge

It all started when...

Early spring 2017 students expressed an interest in competing in Econ Challenge. We trained some, and then with the help of Thomas R. Brown Foundation (which helped with renting us a bus), twenty of us traveled to Mesa for a day of competition in early April. The team you see above, composed of Nick, Heather, Brandee and Ashly, won the critical thinking competition. Another team, composed of Sophia L., Tommy, Camille and Noel, won Econ Challenge for teams with less than two years of economics classes. 

After that, students became interested in creating an after-school club. We decided to re-create a team that existed in the first decade of the 2000's, called Varsity Economics. We have since incorporated as Varsity Economics, Inc., an Arizona non-profit corporation. The corporation now has 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. We are using this year to find our niche at UHS.

Our plan this year is to be better prepared for the Econ Challenge. We will practice in the fall, have tryouts in January, and then get ready for the competition in earnest. Below is our practice calendar.